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Historical Events

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Maypole dance
Young women in white dresses dancing and weaving ribbons around the maypole. Thought to be in Burlington, Washington. According to Encyclopedia Britannica 2007 (v. 7; p. 977) the maypole dance is a "ceremonial folk dance performed around a tall pole…

Park Day, Burlington Washington <br /><br />
This photograph is described in the 1916 "Burlington Journal" newspaper article. The photograph depicts the workers in 1906 standing on a giant log after clearing land for a park. It is not clear whether it was Alpha Park or Maiben Park. The text of…

Photographs of the Knutzen Building fire, May, 1956.
Two story 1907 Knutzen Building burned; contained grocery, meat market and hardware on street level and offices of three doctors and one dentist on 2nd level. Financial loss estimated at over $200,000.

Boy Scouts of Burlington Washington
Photographic Postcard of First Boy Scout Troop in Burlington Washington. "In 1914 a Boy Scout group was formed and used the Baptist Church as a meeting place. Mr Earnest Clay, son of Rev. Clay was Scout Master. This group built a two-wheeled hand…